Our journey begins!

Our journey begins!

We are curious, it’s a state of mind. It never stops. Period. It’s not food that keeps us alive —curiosity does. It drives us, feeds us, that’s the way we live. Some people would be vaguely interested in a few things. We are a different breed — we’d be “all in” into everything if we could and it’s not even close to enough. It’s not blatant advertising, we are curious about everything, literally! This vibrant feeling of agile curiosity makes us inventive and is so gooood.

We created this brand for the same breed as we are — for curious. Earthy nutrition, curiously researched, scientifically designed, conveniently and creatively delivered — the right portion of precise nutrition, a vital complete meal for you (and your curiosity).

What is Foodious?

“Foodious” delivers a vital complete meal for curious people. Cause a well-nourished curiosity can go a long way — just think of yourself as a child. And a long way we are going ourselves, to bring the best food for the like-minded: we’ve been curious, we’ve become “foodious”!

Stay curious and one sunny day we will dine on the planet Saturn.