Foodious story

We are curious, it’s a state of mind. It never stops. Period. It’s not food that keeps us alive —curiosity does. It drives us, feeds us, that’s the way we live. Some people would be vaguely interested in few things. We are a different breed — we’d be “all in” into everything if we could and it’s not even close to enough. It’s not a
blatant advertising, we are curious about everything, literally! This vibrant feeling of agile curiosity makes us inventive and is so gooood.

We created this brand for the same breed as we are — for curious. Earthy nutrition, curiously researched, scientifically designed, conveniently and creatively delivered — the right portion of precise nutrition, a vital complete meal for you (and your curiosity).

Stay curious and one sunny day we will dine on the planet Saturn.

What is Foodious?

“Foodious” delivers a vital complete meal for curious people. Cause a well nourished curiosity can go a long way
— just think of yourself as a child. And a long way we are going ourselves, to bring the best food for the
likeminded: we’ve been curious, we’ve become “foodious”!

What is in Foodious?


Vegan, organic, highly bioavailable pumpkin seed protein. It’s one of the few plant based complete protein
sources. Seeking for amino acid balance, Foodious is fulfilled with buckwheat due to high lysine amounts.
What’s more, amino acid Myosin foundin pumpkin seeds, help to build protein which makes your muscle


Can Fats be healthy? Apparently YES. Different in exterior but similar in interior. Almonds and coconut.
Choosing these two, we enriched Foodious with a proper dose of MUFA fatty acids and put a protecting shield
based on the rich polyphenol profile of these two products. Surprisingly almonds are 65% MUFA. The beneficial
effects of MUFAs on cardiovascular disease risk and blood lipid profiles have been extensively studied. It is also
proven that diet rich in olive oil, nuts (main MUFA sources) positively affects cardiovascular health but also
blood pressure, glucose sensitivity benefits from it. With Foodious you will be provided with >10g of healthy
fats per meal.


Keeping microbiome safe and efficient. Digestible and Indigestible fiber sources are proven healing agents for
human's digestive track. Gut microbiome also plays a big role in glucose metabolism, cognitive function health.


Complex and chained carbohydrate - Maltodextrin made from corn is the ,,Dark horse” of energy release.
When broken down it provides energy for muscle at a faster rate than fructose.


Organic baobab is rich in vitamin C and plays a big role in energy production. Despite the ,,sour” Vit.C
surprisingly it is alkaline food. It also contains more antioxidants than any other fruit. Baobab powder nutrients
contribute to slow and continuous energy release, reducing energy spikes, fatigue and tiredness.


It’s not always about macronutrients. L-Arginine is one of the most important amino acids with proven cell
healing, anti-inflammatory abilities. It is also a substrate for creatine production. 2g of Arginine (what 1
Foodious meal provides) is utilized in human body for creatine production every day. Evidence shows that
creatine has antioxidative function, reduces inflammatory responses and improves glucose tolerance.


One of the worst things is being bloated after meal. Tapioca is gluten-free resistant starch. This is an ideal thing
for people with digestive issues to eat on a regular basis. It is also an ideal source of calories for people with
digestive system issues, like IBS (Irritable Bowel Disease) or diverticulitis.